CAD/CAM Services

Rosenfeld Jewelry is now offering CAD/CAM services to their customers. CAD/CAM is Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing. For Computer Aided design we are using a program called Gemvision Matrix 9.0 which is a jewelry specific CAD program which allows us to make custom creations of; rings, pendants, charms, logo pins and virtually  anything in jewelry in a 3 d environment.  The possibilities are limitless! Designs can be easily changed to suit individual tastes and needs. After the design  is finished, the milling machine (CAM) will carve a wax so that the piece can be viewed in actual size before casting and setting. Rosenfeld Jewelry invites the public to come see some of our new CAD/Cam designs and wax pieces. 

Now also doing 3d printing on our Formlabs Form 2 Printer!  Amazing detail and can produce multiple items at the same time.  Stop in to see what we can make for you.

Gemvision Matrix 9.0






roland-mdx40.jpgGemvision Matrix 9.0 allows us to create your custom piece of jewelry in 3D. We can change the designs right in front of the customer and then render the piece in any metal to show the customer all the different possibilities!

Roland MDX-40

The Roland MDX-40 is a 4 axis milling machine that takes the creations from Matrix 7.0 and turns them into wax  Below are some examples of the incredible detail that we can produce using the combination of Gemvision Matrix 6.0 and the Roland MDX-40. Any piece can be made in any size for any size stone.

CAD/CAM Based Designs