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Episcopal Explication:


It is often said: “whenever a man/woman is consecrated into the Episcopacy, that officer has arrived at CALVARY!”


The Via Dolorosais the processional trek in the City of Jerusalem, which is the route Our Lord walked on His way to the Crucifixion. The winding route from the former Antonia Fortress to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre — a distance of about 600 metres — is one of the most celebrated sites of the Christian pilgrimage and could also be characterized as“The Route of Blood!”


Although Episcopal insignia are traditionally gold which solidifies the bearer is 1.NOT a novice, 2.has been tried and 3. proven, we rarely see that “arrival at Calvary,” or the appointmentsstained with the route of blood,” but now you can! It is with reverent consideration, we have taken this occasion to commemorate, present, and welcome you to the:


Collezione Via Dolorosa!” (The Via Dolorosa Collection)


In this section, you will find our insignia hued with blood, which will also serve as the firstlings of the catalogue.


With each piece, permission is needful to utilize and purchase, and the sets are available for rose gold plating, or 14k rose gold.


Enjoy browsing, and welcome toCollezione Via Dolorosa!!!


(It is with honor and deference of our Patriarch, The Reverend Deacon Samuel Alexander McNeal, Sr, and our Apostolic Father, His Eminence,The Most Reverend J. Delano Ellis, II,we dedicate this sacred collection.)

Art and Shirl,


You guys have outdone yourselves! My insignia couldn't have  been in better hands than the two of you! I've always picked or helped to pick the insignia of other Bishops and Overseers, never knowing that one day I would not only pick out the insignia, but also not knowing God would give insight in how to show "BLOOD STAINS" in them. I thank you so very much!


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