Episcopal Insignia

An exclusive custom made collection from Rosenfeld Jewelry Inc.

See the new Gospel According To Ellis (GATE) collection on our Facebook Page. These are pieces designed with Bishop J.D. Ellis.

We have been creating Episcopal Jewelry since 1993. We can customize your crosses, rings, cuff links, mitres and wax seals or any other jewelry that you would like OR you can choose from the many styles already available.

Your pieces can be made in 14 karat yellow gold or in non-tarnish sterling silver. 

You can order 38 inch Rope chains to go with your crosses.

In other words, we are a full service jewelry store for any of your other jewelry needs.

Prices are based on $1600 gold market and $20 to $40 silver market. Due to the rapidly changing metals markets, all gold/silver jewelry will have to quoted on day of order.

Please see our ordering page for more information.