Episcopal Brief

It has been said, whenever one is consecrated to the episcopacy, that person has “arrived at Calvary.”

The Via Dolorosa is the holy trek in the City of Jerusalem; the route our Lord walked on His way to the Crucifixion. This winding route, from what was once known as “The Fortress of Antonia” to the Holy Sepulchre, – a distance of about 600 meters (0.37 miles), is one of the most celebrated places of the Christian pilgrimage, and could also be characterized as “the route of blood.

The Episcopal insignias of cross, chain and ring are traditionally made of the precious metal of gold, which symbolizes that the bearer is not a novice and has been tried and proven for that Holy Office. We at Ecumenical, have with reverent consideration, taken the liberty to make an addendum to this custom using the mélange of rose-gold, commemorating “the route of blood” our Lord made during His path to Calvary.

“De Via Dolorosa Collectio”

(The Via Dolorosa Collection)

Introducing Bishops: Hayward Clemon Smith, II, Kelvin Chance Brooks, Jalen De’Vonte Whittleton, and Christopher Rosendo McNeal, who serve as the founding leaders of The Ecumenical Convergence of Christian Ministries.

 In this section, you will find each ring, cross, and chain red-hued, serving as the catalogue for the Via Dolorosa Collection. Authorization is needed to purchase and utilize each item, and they are available in 14 karat rose gold or 14 karat rose gold plating as an alternative.


Bishop-Elect Christopher McNeal writes:


Art and Shirl,

You guys have outdone yourselves! My insignia couldn't have  been in better hands than the two of you! I've always picked or helped to pick the insignia of other Bishops and Overseers, never knowing that one day I would not only pick out the insignia, but also not knowing God would give insight in how to show "BLOOD STAINS" in them. I thank you so very much! 


Enjoy browsing, and welcome to De Via Dolorosa Collectio!



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